With over 30 years of experience in the tree industry, Cahaba River Tree Service
has the skills necessary to safely handle any project you have.


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Your Expert Tree Removal Contractor in Moody, AL

While tree trimming and topping are less complex, tree removal can sometimes be dangerous and complicated. Improper tree trimming, topping or removal can also be costly when it causes damage to your property. Cahaba River Tree Service is fully insured and licensed. We’ll work with you to safely and efficiently remove, top, or trim your tree.

Tree Trimming is More Important than You Think

Most of us overlook tree trimming until there’s a limb about to fall on our house. Another reason is the desire to save money. But the truth is, tree trimming is necessary for a number of reasons and it’s more important than you realize. 
  • It improves tree appearance. By trimming your trees regularly, there won’t be any overgrowth and your trees will be in excellent shape and condition.
  • It adds beauty and appeal to your property. Dead or dying branches are not only dangerous, but they’re also an eyesore. Removing them improves the appearance of your trees and your yard.
  • It improves the health of your trees. Tree trimming improves the tree’s overall health by increasing sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree and underlying landscape.
  • It eliminates hazards. Removing weak or dead branches reduces the risk of injury to your family and property damage. It also prevents further deterioration.
To improve the appearance and health of your trees, add beauty to your property, and eliminate hazards, you can count on Cahaba River Tree Service. We’re your expert in the tree service business!

Why You Need Tree Topping

There has been some discussion about whether or not tree topping is necessary. There are numerous things you should be aware of. Cahaba River Tree Service experts believe that tree topping is critical. Here are some of the reasons why you should have your trees topped:
  • It prevents storm damage.
  • It increases light penetration and circulation.
  • It improves air flow and fruit yield.
  • It improves the overall tree health.
  • It prevents trees from contacting power lines.
While tree trimming and topping are very similar. Tree topping focuses on preserving the crown, the tallest and most central part of a tree. Great tree condition comes from a well-maintained crown. 

Trust Your Local Partner in Tree Trimming, Topping, and Removal

If in need of tree trimming, tree topping, or tree removal services, Cahaba River Tree Service is your trusted local partner to deliver safe and efficient tree works. With over 30 years of experience in the tree industry, we have the skills to safely handle any project you have.

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Professional Quality

Mark and co did a really great job removing 5 precarious trees that were very close to our home. 3 of them over power lines, and 2 hugging or hanging over the house. They did a very professional job without causing any damage to the home or the yard. They took pride in getting the work area cleaned up. I thought it was a very fair price as well.

Nick Scott

Experienced & Friendly Staff

My husband and I would 100% recommended Mark and his crew to anyone in need for tree services!! Whether it be trimming, cutting down, or grinding the stumps; Mark and his crew have you covered!! They’re friendly and get the job done fast and efficient! They’re professional and treat your home like they would treat their own! They clean up and haul it all away! Thanks so much guys for your wonderful services!!

Amanda Harrell

Affordable & Special Offers

Mark was always on time whether it was for the estimate, or day of service. He was quick to respond to questions or messages. He was easy to work with and he and his employees looked and were very professional the whole time they were here. They did an excellent job for us cutting 11 trees on our property at a very reasonable rate. We would definitely use him again in the future. Thanks!

Saundra Maddox

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